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What makes us different?

WSP provides support for partnership development and system redesign in health and social care. Our aim is to help you develop new insights and deliver improvement by supporting strategic reviews and the implementation of major redesign programmes using modelling and simulation as a key tool. Our consultancy projects are supported by:

  • Engagement processes that focus on partnership development and strengthening the relationships that are critical to successful redesign
  • A framework for strategy formulation and implementation that ensures that key decisions are well informed and structured
  • Systems models for healthcare commissioners and providers including policy impact, financial modelling and service redesign programmes
  • Online tools, articles and evidence-base for testing strategies and specifying priorities
  • Workshops and networking events
  • A database of projects, downloadable reports, papers and case studies.

The preconditions for delivering improvement provide the wider context for our work whilst modelling and simulation (and other tools ) help to develop insight. Underpinning this, WSP's objectives are to endeavour at all times to be:

  1. Genuinely ‘leading edge’ in our understanding and interpretation of key policy drivers and their implications for strategic thinking and planning.
  2. Overtly ‘challenging’ in the application of this knowledge.
  3. Taking a systemic and ‘whole system’ view of issues in order to ensure sustainable solutions.
  4. Recognising and working to improve the ‘relational’ pre-conditions for good strategy formulation and implementation.
  5. Engaging’ of all stakeholders who are party to delivering meaningful change, building understanding and knowledge.
  6. Building on and contributing to an understanding of what works by acquiring knowledge of ‘sites’ of significance and best practice and in applying research.
  7. Dedicated to supporting clients to deliver improved outcomes for individuals and local communities.
  8. Ensuring that recommendations arising out of our work are set in a contemporary context, that they empower individuals and communities and are achievable and sustainable.
  9. Bringing the different and wide ranging skills and experience of the Partnership to bear in meeting the needs of clients.
  10. Adopting processes in our own work that seek transformational change and adaptive learning.
  11. Ensuring the highest standards of personal and corporate diligence in all matters relating to our relationship with clients.