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We run a range of workshops and networking events throughout the year, open to anyone with an interest in developing their understanding and skills in systems modelling and systems thinking.

There are currently 1 events scheduled:

Creating and using whole systems models with with iThink™ or STELLA™ (2 days)

Location: Brunel University, Uxbridge
Date: 15 Oct 2012 - 16 Oct 2012

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A practical programme developed for public service professionals at all levels, especially commissioners, planners and analysts with strategic or operational change management responsibilities. Learn the basic elements of systems thinking, understanding feedback and building simple models to demonstrate and communicate learning


Participants return to their organisations able to:

  • Think about strategic and operational issues in systemic terms
  • Formulate strategies that are aligned with operational reality
  • Design effective business processes
  • Explore different options and assess their costs and benefits
  • Reveal hidden problems of change
  • Use simulation to identify and avoid actions which are counter productive
  • Communicate effectively using simple system dynamic models
  • Share models with colleagues to enhance learning
  • Membership to the online learning network for 1 year (anniversary of workshop date)


School of Information Systems,
Computing and Mathematics,
St. John's Building,
Brunel University,

Max. Attendees: 12