WSP have worked with clients to address strategic challenges using systems thinking and modelling in population health, service redesign and strategic workforce planning. This section of our website introduces you to domain specific applications such as dementia population health needs and end of life care; elsewhere on the website you can find information about the Workforce Modelling Collaborative.

We are, however, working on a more integrated approach to strategic planning that recognises a more systemic approach. You can read some of the material that is providing the foundations for this approach below.

WSP are engaging actively with thought leaders, academics and those with responsibility for delivering change ‘on the ground’. This creates fertile ground for new and innovate solutions that have one foot in the realities of our complex and challenging health and care systems, and the other firmly planted in the aspirations of what we believe is possible. Below is a selection of the material that is emerging from this dialogue:

  • WSPs ‘discussion starter’ on frailty and complex care here. This was used to prime a round table discussion co-chaired by Dr David Paynton and Professor Terry Young in February 2014.
  • The communique that emerged from this round table discussion is available here.
  • We have also made comment on the recent publication on Population Level Commissioning from the DH YOC programme.

We will be adding material on this part of the website as we pilot our emerging approach to developing an ‘Integrated Systems Framework for Strategic Planning’.