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Relational Health Audits

We use a range of tools and software in support of our work with clients, some of which are available for purchase either in conjunction with consultancy or training, or as independent products. The Whole Systems Partnership has formed strategic partnerships with the organisations that develop these products, and actively contributes to their development by 'beta testing' new releases, and engaging in an ongoing dialogue about features that would benefit our clients.

Relational Health Audits

WSP has worked with the Relationships Foundation for a number of years to apply the underpinning framework for ‘relational health’ within organisations and systems to its work.  An example of this approach can be found in the publication The Relational Manager (Schluter and Lee, 2009).

This evidence based audit tool covers five dimensions of relational health; we use the tool to assess key relationships within and across organisations or systems of care.  The findings help to identify areas where effort could be targeted to achieve the further development of effective relationships locally, which then inform our proposed implementation plans.

The tools are used under license from Relationships Global  who are responsible for the Intellectual Property and therefore the ongoing quality control governing the tools use.