All models are wrong …

It was George Box, a statistician, who is accredited with the quote “all models are wrong, some are useful” – but it is a frequently quoted and well attested observation.  Over my twenty-plus years of modelling, the balance between ‘wrong’ and ‘useful’ in any one model is a constant tension to hold, and to use […]

European Healthcare Design 2017 conference

WSP has been selected to present at the prestigious European Healthcare Design 2017 conference in June on ‘Extra Care for Older People – settings that value relationships’. We will share the paper and presentation here after the event.


WSP have brought together their years of experience in strategic workforce planning and the workforce planning tools they have created to develop the SWiPe® approach, a toolkit to deliver Strategic Workforce integrated Planning and evaluation. You can read a summary here and download a spreadsheet version of the tool here WSP SWiPe tool v1.

Extra Care Housing

Our research into valuing relationships in an extra care setting has been featured by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network here.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Following on from our Knowledge Transfer Partnership work with Dr Paul Grimshaw, School of Healthcare at Leeds University, two research papers have now been published in respected journals. The first paper ‘Building a system-wide approach to community relationships with the findings of a scoping review in health and social care’ is available here and the […]

Relational Systems

Social relationships are well understood to have a significant impact on health and well-being, with studies from across psychology, epidemiology, sociology and demography highlighting the importance of multiple and interacting social mechanisms influencing mental health, health behaviour, physical health, and mortality risk. In 2010 a meta-analysis of 308,849 deaths suggested that, at a conservative estimate, […]

Helicopters & microscopes

If we lived in a world where helicopters and microscopes were interchangeable we’d clearly be in a bit of a mess. Imagine your satnav giving you instructions for every pothole and divot on the route from home to work each day, or telling you simply to ‘go west’ when you’re faced with a complex network […]

When big data meets Bob Dylan

I’ve been at two modelling and simulation conferences in the last month in which the subject of ‘Big Data’ has been discussed. According to one speaker, a Professor, we are currently producing more bytes of data each year than were produced in the previous 5,000 – each year!  Now I’m good with numbers, but I […]