Barnsley CCG

Status - ongoing
Completion Date:
Client - Barnsley CCG

Nature of Work -

Calibration of the WSP population cohort system dynamics model, Barnsley CCG 

We have used existing intelligence based on the General Household Survey, Millennium Cohort study and other published evidence on the prevalence and incidence of key health conditions to calibrate the Cohort Model to the Barnsley CCG population.  The calibration will ensure that the initial health status of the population, the expected demographic changes through to 2037 and expected levels of activity are broadly reflected.

  1. We provided a technical document, including the factors considered in the local calibration, and a short ‘headline report’ as the basis for local engagement which will include a summary of both the future ‘shape’ of population health needs and the potential impact on health and care services under different ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  2. We held a half day local workshop with key stakeholders to demonstrate the model and explore specific applications that are within scope of the model.
  3. We are supporting the development of a small number (3-5) of insights generated from the model by local stakeholders through coaching and support in the use of the model.
  4. We provided the model in an open on-line environment.
  5. We developed the model to include alcohol related harm as an underlying risk factor and prevention intervention.
WSP Lead - Chris Harwood
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