Population Health Needs

WSP is undertaking pioneering work in the simulation and modelling of population health needs.

We use a range of data in our work, but the starting points are generally ONS and the British Household Survey. This is complementary to a number of other population segmentation approaches, but has the distinct advantages of:

  • Using a consistent source of data to provide a proxy for health and care needs as well as utilisation rates, without the need for complex and challenging data linkage where this is not available;
  • Capturing a genuine ‘whole population’, including people with no, or low risks who would typically be missed from data linkage exercises as they have limited interface with services;
  • Eliminating duplication by developing discrete and comprehensive population cohorts covering the whole population, thus recognising people who are frail or who have complex needs as having distinct ‘whole person’ needs rather than being viewed as multiple entities within the system;
  • This work has already informed both service and workforce transformation strategies in a number of Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints. An example of a whole population output can be viewed here, and the use of this in the context of service transformation and strategic workforce planning can be viewed here.