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Locality Partnership manager and SWiPe client

I really appreciate everything you are doing, it is fantastic work, and is streets ahead of anything we would have done without you.

Workforce Planning lead, Derbyshire Community Health Services

SWiPe ...... has allowed each CCG working with Provider organisations to have a view of the growth of the frail elderly population and consider the existing workforce to ensure that we are able to plan the workforce implications arising to ensure delivery of new models of care.

Senior CCG Manager

I think the report delivers a very good summary of the assumptions, work undertaken and outputs. It's very well written and easy to read (well done as this is not easy when dealing with such a dry and technical subject).

Senior Paediatrician

It has been a great pleasure to be involved....and I have enjoyed your wisdom and common sense approach to a knotty problem.

Society for the Blind of Dewsbury Batley and District

Well what a result. I feel so grateful you have been and given the Trustees the benefit of your knowledge in a very skilful and controlled way. I just keep reflecting on some of the positive decisions taken today.

Chief Exec of a large PbC Consortium

You have done a great job in pulling this implementation plan together and helping us to relaunch the Long Term Conditions plan for the consortium.

Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT

I am really pleased with the work we have done and delighted with the model provided and the power it gives us to identify how different assumptions will work through in terms of bed capacity. It has been very good working with you on this and I am assuming there will be a continuing link through the joint work with the local authority.

Bradford health and social care community

You have made tremendous efforts over several months to tackle a very challenging piece of work in a rigorous and in-depth manner. We appreciate the care you have taken to ensure inclusivity by investigating the complex issues involved from the perspective of all concerned, including commissioners, providers and service users and their carers and families.

Cheshire County Council

Thank you for your incredible contribution to the development of the Joint Commissioning Framework for Mental Health. It is clear that your skills and the process you facilitated, together with your comprehensive understanding of both the Political, Social and Health imperatives has provided a firm foundation for us to develop as a world class mental health service.

Ashton, Leigh and Wigan PCT

On a personal note, as I have only 2 weeks left to work, I just wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. The input of Whole Systems Partnership into all our areas of work has enriched the process beyond measure and we have even managed a few laughs along the way.

Wigan MBC

Can I just say how impressive this piece of work is. The internal logic is perfect. I just hope important hearts and minds are won in the coming weeks.

NHS West Midlands

The scenarios and forecasts modelled by the Simulator are impressive. Also impressive was the process of development with its combination of facilitated workshops and the use of Critical Friends. There are many excellent lessons to be learnt form the approach taken by WSP.

Dept Work and Pensions

First of all, many thanks for the course; it has proved highly influential in the way we have gone about modelling and the approach we have taken in trying to 'sell' the approach.

ISD Scotland

Thanks for an interesting and very useful couple of days. First thing in the New Year we plan to start work on developing the theatres whole system model.

West Midlands CAMHS

I hope you sense that this has been a good piece of work, because it has. Thanks for your commitment.

Salford Council

We are extremely grateful for all that you have done and, not least, for the collaborative style that you brought to the process. I hope that you are happy with the outcome.

NHS Brighton and Hove

Thank you for getting us to this point; all the comments that we have received are very positive and give us an excellent base from which to move forward and to develop further some specific streams of work.

National End of LIfe Programme

Thank you for sending through the draft report which is very comprehensive and I think not only tells the story of the project but really demonstrates the actual and potential of the model. You have also made what is a complicated subject into a very interesting and easily digestible read.

NHS East Midlands

NHS East Midlands have worked with Whole Systems Partnership to model the workforce needed to care for new born babies in line with the Department of Health ‘Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services’ . Clinical focus groups were held to help build the model. Through this process a particular focus emerged on the shortage of middle grade doctors and a lack of a clear utilisation plan for specialist nurses. As a direct result NHS East Midlands has decided to invest over £200k in the development of education for advanced neonatal nurse practitioners that will lead directly to improved skill mix amongst those caring for some of the most at risk babies born in the region.

Sheffield City Council

When reviewing the available tools to support us in commissioning for dementia, the more complex a model is the more difficult it is to explain the benefits of change to stakeholders. We are therefore very happy to stick with the WSP approach.

Age UK Cheshire

I would like to thank you for the way in which you have worked with us, you challenged us all the way, and some of it was uncomfortable, but it was always very positive and enjoyable

NE Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus

The balancing of the ability to undertake whole systems analysis, improve one’s understanding of the impact of interaction, redesign to take account of a range of factors, and implement to plan has been very successful. Without the underpinning of the systems modelling the Care Trust Plus achievement of significant redesign projected improving outcomes and delivery efficiencies would not have been achieved. We have enjoyed and learnt from the experience.

East of England SHA

The scenarios and forecasts modelled by the Simulator are impressive. Also impressive was the process of development with its combination of facilitated workshops and the use of Critical Friends. Whatever option is chosen for the development of our model, there are many excellent lessons to be learnt from the approach taken by WSP.

Independent Consultant

Thank you. Yours is both a beautifully crafted and carefully considered response... not to mention speedy and responsive.

National End of Life Care Programme

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable project and I have very much welcomed the professionalism shown in your work and our great working relationship. Hopefully we may get the chance to work together again in the future?

National End of Life Care Team

It certainly was challenging at times but we worked very well as a team I think, and managed to overcome a number of obstacles to deliver a comprehensive evaluation report. Please accept my sincere thanks for the extra effort put in by you and your team in securing this outcome, and for the professionalism exhibited throughout.

Senior Manager in Mental Health commissioning, CCG.

This is an excellent and helpful product, so great to work with such a professional team. Thank you very much for your hard work.

GP Clinical Lead and participant in engagement event.

I am happily reflecting on the workshop today as I felt it was a really powerful experience, provoking thought and challenge. The exercises where we brought our own identity into the session, then projected what would be needed for the frail, followed by what we know is available out there was a transforming process. 

GP Clinical Lead and participant in engagement event.


Director of Public Health

The model looks really good, we are securing data to feed in from NHS partners and are already using some of the outputs in our planning so I am very appreciative of all the hard work you are all putting in.