Strategic Workforce Planning & Transformation

Sustainable change within health and social care is dependent on having the right capacity and capability in the workforce wherever it is needed. This will not ‘just happen’ but needs to be carefully planned. It cannot be done in isolation but has to be linked to financial and service planning as well as to the changing needs of the people being cared for. Any workforce plan should be supported by an implementation plan that outlines the recruitment, retention, education and development that is required to achieve the future workforce.

WSP has a number of ways in which it can help with your Strategic Workforce Planning and Transformation.

SWiPe® - Find out more about SWiPe by going to our dedicated page here.

ICS - To find out more about WSP's work in ICS's please click here.

Supply-side Workforce Modelling - WSP developed a wide range of supply-side models for medical and non-medical workforce over the period 2009 to early 2016.  To find out more about our models please click here.

Place-based Planning - Find out more about Place-based planning on our dedicated page here.

General Practice/GPFV/Primary Care Networks/Integrated Care Systems (ICOs) - Contact us to see how we can help in these areas.