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New Recruit

When I had my first interview with WSP back in October 2020, the lockdown restrictions were just easing, and I was able to meet a few of my potential future colleagues in the office. However, just a few weeks later, that had all changed. With rising Covid-19 cases and increasingly tough restrictions, we were all […]

Who Is Our COVID-19 Leader…?

Who is our COVID19 leader….? We have heard a lot about ‘being led by the science’ in the last few weeks, which I have assumed is a means of communicating to the great British public that there is certainty and a sure footing on which decisions are being made.  To paraphrase, what we seem to […]

A technology-enabled health and care workforce for the future?

When will health and care services take full advantage of new technologies, or are we doomed – or perhaps blessed – to be always half a generation behind the rest of the world?  Prompted by the Topol review WSP recently brought together a group of academics to help us think through the opportunities presented by […]

All models are wrong …

It was George Box, a statistician, who is accredited with the quote “all models are wrong, some are useful” – but it is a frequently quoted and well attested observation.  Over my twenty-plus years of modelling, the balance between ‘wrong’ and ‘useful’ in any one model is a constant tension to hold, and to use […]